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Kitchen Plans and Paint Recommendations for Cabinets

We’ve been planning some things in our kitchen for a little while now. Between my health, budget and partnerships it’s a lot to put together. I feel like it’s alway fun to share some things with you all along the way though. After all, DIY IS a process.

(paint recommendations for kitchen cabinets at bottom)

This was my mood board when planning the kitchen.

kitchen Inso
Kitchen Mood Board

Of course, as always, things will change. I might actually do a color on the bottom cabinets instead of all Swiss Coffee. I’m still undecided. If I did use a color I would maybe do another light green but then I feel like there’s too much green downstairs. Oh well, I want it to be really gentile and soothing — not bright and hectic.

I chose Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore advance as the cabinet color. I wanted a warm neutral… I didn’t want super bright crisp white. I want it to be really soothing and warm. I didn’t have the tile sample with me while shopping for paint so I’m kinda nervously sweating. I’m also kinda nervous about the project in general done in time 🙂

me right now.

I was searching Pinterest for some color inspo and came across the photo below. I read the blog post and it turned out to be Swiss Coffee which we also have in our guest room and I love it. It’s a really pretty warm white. SO there ya go!

swiss coffee color
Photo from Jodi Mockabee

I’ve never painted cabinets before but I used to refinish furniture so it can’t be much different. We were undecided about using a primer before the paint. Some people say it’s necessary. Some people say it’s not. I might actually pick up primer for the cabinets above the stove and sink because we use those cabinets more. We kinda forgot to pick up primer and I really want to get this side done before vacation so we’re winging it. That’ll be fun and informative to see which ones hold up better and if there’s a difference.

Tile & Countertops

We’re getting our tile and countertops from Garden State Tile. We’re SUPER excited! The tile I chose has a hand-made type of look to it. The countertops are porcelain which I’m excited to see in use and how they hold up. The porcelain countertops are newish to Garden State Tile. They have quite a few great ones. Porcelain as a product is pretty great too.

kitchen tiles
Backsplash tile and countertop from Garden State Tile
garden state tile
Another longer, glossier option for backsplash

Sink & Faucet

We’re getting our sink, faucet and drain from I chose to go with brass for the hardware and sink accessories.

As promised here are some other recommendations that I was given on Instagram for your DIY kitchen cabinet projects! I’ve listed them most recommended at top.

  1. Benjamin Moore Advance
  2. Sherwin Williams Emerald
  3. Sherwin Willams Proclassic
  4. Valspar cabinet paint
  5. Annie Sloan
  6. Behr

Others that were suggested but not as popular

  1. Fusion mineral paint
  2. Beautitone cabinet and furniture paint
  3. Jolie
  4. Annie Sloan 111
  5. Rethunk Junk

All in all it seems that cleaning them and picking a primer is the most important.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some info/ inspiration! Comment with any questions you might have!


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  • Katarina -
    August 6, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Great recommendations! I love the soft, gentle tones that shine under the daylight. The cabinet brings a dose of fresh and airy vibe and makes the whole space elegant and sophisticated.

    • goldalamode
      August 4, 2020 at 4:30 pm

      Thank you so so much Katarina! Your comment is so beautiful and kind. I hope everything is well. xo