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5 Ways to Master a Creative Workspace

Let’s face it sitting down and focusing on work isn’t the easiest thing to do. At least for me it isn’t. Designing a creative work-space for yourself is key to productivity. You should create a space for yourself that is inspiring and calming but not distracting. I’m going to give you some tips that will help you have a creative and productive work area.

Make it bright. One thing that helps me be most productive is LIGHT! Natural light is always best, but unfortunately gloomy days DO exist. To get the most out of the natural light I don’t hang curtains in my office. I only hang blinds to let more light in.
I don’t know about you, but if see it getting dark outside I automatically start getting tired and unintentionally think of my day as over, especially in the winter. Mike, my fiance, just installed a new overhead light fixture in my office and it is a game changer. I used to get SO tired with only my table top lamp. An over head fixture with bright bulbs is a great way to get that work done even in the late hours.
Another option that can make your office brighter is white paint. I completely understand that white walls aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, I love the white paint in the office because it helps the light reflect off the walls and it keeps me focused.

Give it some life. Another thing I love to have in my office is plants! I find that plants are so calming and they add oxygen to the air. They just add a certain calming and cleansing vibe to the room to let you think clearly and focus. My big silly fiddle leaf fig tree is my best bud in the office space. I also recently added my rubber plant and cactus to the mix.

Get rid of distractions. Getting rid of distraction is KEY in getting work done and being creative. Lets face it our phones are one of the biggest distractions and they are always right next to us. I purposely plug my phone in on the other side of the office so that I’m not constantly reaching for it. I also do not have a TV in my office. Although I love to hear background noise, I’d rather not be focused on changing the channel. I personally would rather listen to music right on my computer which helps me focus.
I suggest putting together a list of music that pumps you up and inspires you. I usually choose something upbeat but whatever gets you going is a great choice.

Add inspiration. Another amazing thing to put in your office is as much inspiration as you can. The biggest inspiration in my office is my peg board. You can hang a peg board like this one or you can create your own special mood board. I like to hang things on my peg board that remind me why I’m doing this and how far I’ve come. Some of the items I have hanging are previous projects I’ve worked on, workshops I’ve attended, sketches from interior design classes, and photos of family.

Make it comfy. Make sure you make your work-space comfy but not too comfy that you fall asleep, ok? Make it comfy in a way where you have options for how you work. I have my ghost chair at my Ikea desk which is where I sit most of the time. However, I just recently moved the Eames chair up there just in case I want to sit more comfortably while working. I sometimes even sit on the floor which is why I have the floor cushions—well that and for my dogs.


Info on peg board below!

My DIY peg board

I get questions sometimes about the peg board I have in my office. It’s from Home Depot, actually! You can just go there, pick it up, and have them cut it for you to any size youd like. The one I have wasn’t cut. I bought it as is and hung it.

To hang things on the wall I use nails. I know, I know I’m going to have a ton of tiny holes in the wall when I’m done but that’s what spackle and paint is for. You can also use tape for pictures.

I hope you all enjoyed reading. Have fun creating YOUR happy workspace!

Fun Posting Tip for Instagram
My favorite hashtags to use when posting my office are #workspacegoals #workspacie and #yourcreativeworkspace.

Have fun!


Item Details:

  1. Desk Legs & Top – IKEA
  2. Peg Board – Home Depot
  3. Ghost Chair – Home Goods
  4. Plant Basket – Home Goods
  5. Girl Boss Plaque – Home Goods
  6. Desk Lamp – Home Goods
  7. Hanging Light Fixture – Home Goods
  8. Floor Pillow – Home Goods
  9. Blogging Badass pillow – Whitney J Decor
  10. Rug – Allmodern



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