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13 Spaces with Green Interiors that will Give you Heart Eyes!

If you haven’t noticed… my feed is looking pretty green right now. I never liked green in my whole life. Does this mean money will be overflowing into my life now? Ok, probably not but look at all of these great spaces with green interior! (just in time for St. Patty’s if you’re into that!)

green kitchen cabinets
By @sarahshermansamuel

Sarah Sherman Samuel can do no wrong in my eyes! – my heart eyes-. This color choice in this kitchen is stunning! She was one of the first designers I saw using this shade of green and it has stuck in my brain!

green bathroom with molding
From Houseofturquoise.com

I love the molding in this bathroom! It’s the star of the show and dresses up a small space!

green kitchen
From Houseofturquoise.com

I’m contemplating which limb I would give up for this entire kitchen. How gorgeous is this green color with the black countertops and oven?!

green bathroom
Home of and design by @houseologie

I just love how Leigh Anne went for it and painted the door, molding and everything. That can be a risky thing to do for some people and this looks amazing. A great way to spruce up a simple bathroom and make it amazing. The vintage light is giving me heart eyes too!

green bathroom tiles
Design by @sarahshermansamuel

I mean what can’t Sarah Sherman Samuel do?! I love everything she does especially the tones she uses in her design. I love the tiles here with the vintagey brass looking fixtures.

green mud room door
From BeckiOwens.com

A green door!! Yes, please! This is a super cute way to incorporate green into your space is you’re feeling a little daring.

green laundry room cabinets
By Whittney Parkinson Design

Using a bright color in the laundry room is also a fun way to incorporate color into your home. Think about it…. you only have to look at it when you’re doing laundry. It’s not like it’s in your bedroom or living room. I say go for it!

arch digest green fire place
From Arch Digest Article

I absolutely love how Maggie Gyllenhaal and Pete Sarsgaard have a green fireplace in this office space! I love the way it pops off of the red rug too. A daring and amazing combo.

green dining room
Photo from Skonahem.com

I love how earthy and daring this dining room is. The mix of the green paint and plants makes me want to make my own sourdough bread. You know what I mean?

green bathroom wallpaper
From Simshilditch.com

Oh yeah…. you don’t always have to use paint. A fun wallpaper with a green design is a really fun way to add some texture and pattern to a room! It really jazzes this little bathroom up. Yes, I just said “jazz it up”.

green homepolish book shelves
Article from @homepolish. Design by Nicole Fisher

Ok, unpopular opinion… packed shelves give me anxiety but I LOVE this. I especially love shelves that are the same color as the room.

green collected home by cocollected
Home of and design by @cocollected

If you don’t follow Courtney from @cocollected on Instagram then you’re making a mistake. I started following Courtney a while back before the number of someones following mattered. I could tell her style was one of a kind and she has an amazing eye for classic and funky finds. She also sell on Chairish so you can share her finds and style them in your own home! She has been a go-to of mine for style advice a time or two!

Mandi Makes room with Oil Cloth paint
Home of and Design by @mandimakes

Mandi from Mandi Makes was actually my inspiration for my green room aka office! The paint color is Oil Cloth! Her style is homey and fun. Modern and classic with a touch of feminine fun. I’m the last person to say a style can only be masculine or feminine but Mandi really puts such feminine power into her designs. She’s also a mom… a cool ass mom at that. Her feed has pops of fun colors including a pink sink!! Check her out!

I hope you enjoyed these green spaces and found some new designers and bloggers to follow! Please leave comments below about what your favorite space is! xo, Cara.

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