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Bringing the Garden Indoors and Keeping it Chic with Miracle Gro

This post is sponsored by Miracle Gro. However, I only post about brands and products that I truly love and use. Enjoy!

I want to tell you all about this amazing product by Miracle Gro that has helped me grow gigantic herbs right in my kitchen. It’s called the Miracle Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System! I am really enjoying having this in our home. I’m going to be honest I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to set it up or keep the plants alive but it was so simple. (THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT) Not only was it simple.. it’s FUN!

miracle gro twelve plants

miracle gro twelve transplanting kit
Planting made easy! I used the Miracle-Gro Twelve Transplanting Kit to plant some basil in my system! With the system, the basil will grow faster and I can harvest sooner. 

The App

There’s an app you can download called Miracle Gro Twelve and it helps you through the entire process from set up to harvesting your herbs. You can control the lighting right from the app, it reminds you when to add fertilizer and when you need to add water. All you have to do is fill the water to the correct level inside.

miracle gro basil before
Week 1: Transplanted a few young starter basil plants into the system.
miracle gro twelve basil after
Week 3: Growing big and ready to harvest!
miracle gro twelve basil leaf

The leaves and stalks on the basil grew SO strong!! As you can see the basil leaves are the size of my hand! I am really impressed on how well this all works. The best part is really the app and how well it basically takes care of itself. This system is a recirculating hydroponic system which means the water and nutrients that the plants need are continuously pumped directly to the roots.

basil roots
The roots grow super long and strong though the transplanting cup.

The Look

I love that the system is super chic and fits well into my neutral minimal decor. You can dress it up and add decor to the top of it. You could even use it as an end table if you’d like. I think it’s such a wonderful idea for apartment living too. For me.. I’m happy I can safely and easily grow herbs inside! When you keep it in the kitchen it’s also easy access for cooking. We’ve actually been inspired to cook some different things to use our fresh basil.

miracle gro twelve styling
miracle gro twelve decorated

I’ll leave you with this: I strongly recommend the Miracle Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System. I absolutely love it and it has added a lot of benefits to my daily life. I can’t wait to grow more herbs!

Tell me in the comments what I should grow next!


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