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Linen Closet and Towel Refresh with Snowe!

I’m SO excited about this project! This is one of those projects that needed to be done a year ago and we focused on other things and ignored it for too long. We needed new towels 4 years ago probably. I recently worked with Snowe and I’m obsessed with their products! They inspired my entire refresh of the linen closet. I’d like to officially announce that I have adult towels. They also carry other items like blankets and sheets, kitchenware, and robes! #cozy.

Snowe Products Used:

Ash Grey Wash Cloths
Essential White Hand Towels
Essential White Bath Towels
Travel Candle Set
Pillow Talk Diffuser
Essential White Soak Set with Candle

Essential White Snowe Towels

I have never had fluffier towels in my whole life! I almost don’t want Mike to use them because I’m scared he’ll leave them in a soaked pile on the floor. Don’t worry, Snowe. I won’t allow it. One of my favorite things about these towels is all of them (even the wash cloths) have an easy way to hang them on a hook. They have a little piece of fabric that is easy for hanging. Just get ready for the coziest towels of all time!

Color Choices:

I chose to get white (which can seem dangerous) but I love the fact that I can use bleach while washing and make them look gorgeous and fresh again. I also chose the Ash Grey for the hand towels because I wanted a little change of color and I think the hand towels are a great place to do that. They look cute rolled up in the linen closet. 🙂

Ash Grey Snowe Wash Cloths
Ash Grey Hand Towels
Snowe Home Towels
Ash Grey vs. Essential White
Linen Closet Refresh
**heart eyes**

The hand towels are huge! They almost wrap around my whole body. The size and quality of these towels are amazing. They even sell a larger towel called the Bath Sheet! You can watch a little more about the towels below!


I’m super picky with candles and I love these! I especially love the travel set because it gives you ALL of the scents and they’re small so you don’t have to be SUPER dedicated just in case you’re not into it. They also have diffusers which I love love love! They also have super cute names like Pillow Talk, Staycation and Speak Easy.

The candles instantly take you into relaxation and vacation mode but right at home. I think my favorite scent is Pillow Talk which has hints of lavender, ginger and sandalwood but they’re all amazing. I definitely suggest trying the travel set if you want to try out all of the scents. If you’re a risk taker you can go straight for the soy candle set!

Snowe Home Candle
Snowe Home Candles

More Before & Afters!

The old stuff?

We went through the whole linen closet and got rid of everything we didn’t use or wasn’t in good shape. We donated a lot of the older towels and sheets to doggy shelters and the ruined towels have no become cleaning towels. Everything that doesn’t match the vibe I was going for is now in baskets. 🙂 The real question is how long with the tidiness last? However, the quality of this towels isn’t going anywhere!

I’m going to do another post all about the cosmetic changes we made so keep your eyeballs peeled!

Linen Closet Refresh
You can also do a fun blanket on the hook!

I hope you all enjoyed this and learned a little bit about what Snowe is all about! I highly recommend their products. Amazing quality and I love their brand itself. Clean, pretty and trendy… everything we want in our bathroom right?

Love you guys! Comment any questions or comments you have below!
xo, Cara

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