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My Holiday Gallery Wall with Framebridge

Are you still looking for holiday gifts? Good news… you still have time to order from Framebridge with expedited shipping! I just created a gallery wall in our bedroom with my mom’s art that she gave me for Christmas. Since she lives in Florida and she’s not coming to NJ this year it’s such a hassle to get gifts back and forth to each other. (and if you know me you know how hard it is to shop for me. I can barely shop for myself)

1. Photos

I think this is a great forgotten gift. We spend so much time worrying about what we’re going to get people when this is the perfect gift. I think printing and framing gifts is great for “the person who has everything” or for your parents and grandparents who say they don’t want anything.

Mike and I got married in August so our parents and grandparents asked for framed photos of us. Framebridge makes it so easy to view what your photo will look like in the frame that you pick. Once you decide on the photo and frame all you have to do is provide the image. You’ll have your framed photos in no time!

Framebridge Photo

Mercer Slim frame by Framebridge

Framebridge Photo

Newport frame by Framebridge

2. Meaningful Art

This is the one I went with this year! My mom lives in Florida and it’s always so hard for us to get gifts to eachother. Plus as an adult I don’t really want my mom buying me excessive things that I don’t need. Receiving gifts are great but I would rather have something meaningful. When my mom asked me what I wanted it clicked… I just wanted some of her art.

My mom has a storage unit here in NJ from when she used to live here and I was dying to go through some of her art. Right in the front there was a bin full of sketches and art from when she was in college in the 70s. (before I was even imagined) To her they were just amateur sketches but to me they mean the world. I’ll always have my moms art to cherish. It was super easy and fun with Framebridge. If you’re sending in the art, you either send it in with your own box/tube or they can provide one.

Framebridge Gallery Wall

You could also frame children’s art. That’s one of my favorite things to see in a gallery wall. It’s a really great gift for moms dads and grandparents!

Childrens Gallery Wall

Cho of Oh Joy! shred these photos from the portfolio of New York-based architecture and design firm Sawyer Benson. (photo via. MyDomaine)

3. Objects (tickets, poems, book pages)

I love how Nate Berkus shared his ideas for framing objects for Framebridge! His ideas and examples were lovely. He framed items like a scarf, hand written note, and recipes. (genius)

You can see some more of his ideas and how his gallery wall came out here.

Nate Berkus Gifts

Image via. Frambridge by Nate Berkus

I hope this inspired you to give some meaningful gifts and trust in Framebridge to deliver great gifts… on time! Have fun picking your frames!


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