We’re seeing progress and PURPLE! One Room Challenge Week 3

Hey, friends! It’s week 3 and we’re feeling a little relieved but also a little stressed. It’s always great to see SOME progress though right?

We had a couple road blocks this week that’ll follow us into week 4 but we’re making it work ya know? Mike hurt his hand really bad at work. He cuts concrete so he works with gigantic saws. There was an accident and his finger got cut really bad. So we kinda have man down over here. On top of that I’m leaving for LA on Thursday 4/26. Sooooo I’m hoping we can get a bit done before I leave and then it’s crunch time when I get back.

This week Mike installed all the sheetrock after week two’s popcorn ceiling extravaganza. It looks SOOOOOO much better… like a million times better. I’m kicking myself in the booty for not taking a picture of the sheetrock installed. I do however have a picture of the ceiling after it was spackled. We ended up hiring a friend to do the ceiling due to Mike’s hand. 🙁 so bye bye $300 of our budget but that’s ok… Mike is still standing.

How good does the ceiling look already?! Did you see it last week? SCARY!

This week we’ll be:

  1. Priming the ceiling
  2. Priming the floor
  3. Painting the walls and closet
  4. Closet doors
  5. Receiving decor

Speaking of paint…..

What do you think? I’m thinking the first one (all the way to the left). That one is called Script White by Behr even though I don’t see anything white about it. Of course I pick a purple that has the word WHITE in the name. Commitment issues? I like that it’s still really bright and relaxing. It’s just paint right? If I get sick of it I’ll just paint again. Painting walls to me is like changing your hair. It grows back.


Beside the cosmetic changes I also started getting the decor together.

I received this small bench in the mail from Target. I was going to use it in the closet under the bamboo campaign desk but now I’m wondering if it goes together. I might order the white one as a back up.



I also got new vases at Target and Urban Outfitters. I love the Target ones as-is but I might also paint them. I think they’re really cool! I’m obsessed with the UO one! I want the room to be really sculptural and modern but delicate at the same time….. whatever that means.

I found this really cool planter at Home Sense. I thought it fit the archi-modern vibes! It’s also purpley!

I’m also looking forward to adding in some really cool antique pieces that I’ve never had a place for before. I love these little birdie vases from my mom.

This is the LATEST inspo collage but I’m basically winging it at this point. I mean do things ever work out exactly how we plan them to? I’m just hoping those mirrors come in time from Urban Outfitters! **heart eyes**

Artwork above bed by @joshyoungdesignhouse

Looking forward to getting the lighting, bedding, curtains and rug handled this week too! Ahhh! I’m hoping next week’s post has a lot more color for ya! 😉

Make sure you head over to the One Room Challenge guest page with House Beautiful. There are SO many amazing rooms!


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  • Natalie Jacob
    April 26, 2018 at 1:09 am

    I love your inspiration for this room, Cara. Hopefully you got stuff done before heading to LA (have fun btw). Also, I hope Mike is feeling better! Can’t wait to see how your room turns out. Loved your bathroom for the Fall ORC.

  • Mary @ I Like it Lovely
    April 23, 2018 at 7:27 am

    I love the birds. They add a lot of fun color. And I digging the middle paint color. So pretty. Hope Mike is on the mend. Safe travels. Xo