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How to lessen mold and toxins in your home at Christmas

Is your Christmas tree making you sick? Has anyone ever asked you that before? I honestly didn’t really think about this until this year after suffering with autoimmune for a good two years. It makes me wonder because I’m always sick around Christmas!

The truth is if you have a real Christmas tree it’s possible you’re bringing massive amounts of mold spores into your house. Pre-cut Christmas trees sit in extremely moist conditions before they get brought home which means they’re growing mold well before they enter your house. When they get brought into your warm home the mold spores rise 5 times after two weeks inside. This can be really problematic for people with allergies, mold toxicity and autoimmune.

Some symptoms of being allergic to your Christmas tree might be:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose and/or nasal congestion
  • Eye, nose and throat irritation
  • Wheezing/difficulty breathing
  • Headaches
  • Nosebleeds

Some things you can do to prevent allergies to your tree:

  • Cut your own tree – this wont prevent mold completely but it will buy you time
  • Go faux – you could always get a fake tree but these can also be made with chemicals. Make sure you’re buying a well made fake
  • Use essential oils – Using oils like Thieves, Clove, Tea Tree, Oregano will all help kill mold spores in the air.
  • Spray your tree down – you can mix thieves oil with some alcohol in a spray bottle and spray your tree down before bringing it inside. I haven’t personally done this yet but I may do it this year. Again, this is just a suggestion
  • Use thieves oil in the tree water – Someone messaged me on Instagram and told me they use a couple drops of Thieves oil in the water when they water their tree.
  • Buy a live potted tree – you can buy a live tree that can be potted after Christmas time
  • Don’t keep your tree for very long – mold spores start to grow quite a bit after 4 days. In my opinion two weeks might be enough sadly.

I obviously do not want to cause any fear but just make people aware especially if you have a loved one with really bad allergies or mold toxicity already. I’m not a doctor or professional so check with yours if you’re not sure.

I think we will still stick to a real tree this year but cut it ourselves. I’m also going to use essential oils in the water and spray it down. I hope some of this helps. Let me know in the comments if you’ve experienced any health problems duet the X-mas tree or around the holidays!

Love you guys!

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