Magical and Natural Wrapping Theme with Foraged Materials

I’m almost never one to have a “wrapping theme” or tree theme but this year I’m obsessed with our tree so I have to make the wrapping paper just as good! I just about winged this so it might not look like Pinterest but it’s easy and cute. I’m not Martha Stewart over here. I’m just trying to make it look like I have my shit together to my Grandma k?

This year Chelsie from Flower Child Floral came over and decked our tree out with a bunch of dried flowers and foraged stuff! I wrote a blog about the tree if you’re interested in the flowers we used. I wanted to keep the wrapping theme pretty similar. I wanted the tree to stand out so I kept it really neutral.

What I used

Wrapping paper from Michael’s – the white wrapping paper is from Michael’s. It’s basically just plain white construction paper but a little thinner for folding. It’s a little see through depending on what you’re wrapping but I liked the texture of it and obviously the color.

Tree Clippings – what a perfect way to tie your gifts into your tree by using some clippings! When they trim your tree you can keep the pieces for your gifts and guess what… it’s free. JK you paid for the tree. If you clip them from your yard they’re free.

Dried Hydrangeas – Chelsie literally clipped these from her yard. If you have some of these in your yard go for it. Maybe your grandparents do? I wouldn’t suggest clipping them from someone else’s lawn because that could get weird but find them somewhere. They’re really pretty when they dry.

Velvet Ribbon – I wish I thought about the ribbon earlier because I probably could’ve ordered some online or looked in different stores. I found some at Hobby Lobby but the rolls don’t have much on them and they’re almost $5 for one. You can probably only wrap one medium size or a couple smaller ones with the amount that comes on the rolls. Velvet ribbon is so beautiful though! I’m definitely going to find it for next year.,

Ribbon from Hobby Lobby – I got the rest of the ribbon at Hobby Lobby too. I would imagine any craft store would have ribbon though. A fabric store might be best. Maybe even Amazon? Let me know in the comments where the best place for ribbon is!

pink ribbon
hydrangea wrapping paper
white wrapping power
goldalamode wrapping paper

My tip would be to just go for it. I was so stressed about making them perfect and I think that’s the fun in it… that they don’t have to be perfect! Just get a couple colors, different widths and textures and go for it. Pluck some things from your yard or your existing decorations and make it happen!

I hope you found some inspiration in this post! Tag me on Instagram to show me how you included this into your hoiday.


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