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What Health Anxiety is and how to Overcome it

If you’re reading this I assume you have some interest in healing health anxiety. Just know you are safe, you are loved and I know you can heal.

This year has been rough for those that experience health anxiety already and it has created health anxiety for those who never had it before. I have always had a layer of heath anxiety from struggling with my health and it was heightened earlier this year.

My health anxiety before 2020 looked like: scared to walk in the woods in fear of getting bit by another tick, covering my mouth and nose and sometimes not breathing in order to avoid fumes and toxins, not wanting to touch door knobs and public surfaces, not wanting to eat certain foods. THIS year’s health anxiety looked like: extreme panic attacks every day for weeks in fear of coronavirus, fear of death, not even going near my husband, not being able to watch medication commercials etc.

I’m not sure if you can relate to any of that but it’s a natural and uncomfortable thing that can happen because of illness and the pandemic. Being ill and not feeling well for extended periods of time can start to overtake our thoughts and become our identity. It can become quite intrusive. I really don’t support phrases like “change your mindset” “mindset is everything” “raise your vibration” “fear fuels illness”. I think all of these bypass the very real nature of illness and the anxiety that comes from it.

However, you can take some steps to help your body and mind feel safe. After all, lack of safety is the driving force of the anxiety.

Healing Health Anxiety

Your body is listening to every single thought you have. We have to be mindful of the thoughts we’re replaying. If we have constant thoughts of fear our body will mimic that feeling. Health anxiety feels like the ball is going to drop at any second and we’re just waiting for it but we can take control with new thoughts and actions. It won’t take away illness or potential threats but it will ease our nervous systems leading to less pain and severity of symptoms.

Try thinking thoughts of safety. You can start to replace fearful thoughts with safe ones. For example, I am safe. Everything is exactly how I need it to be. My body is working for me at every moment. I have complete perfect health. I love my body and what it does for me. I am safe and protected in my surroundings.

Meditation has saved my life at times. At times, meditating was the only thing I COULD do and sometimes that even felt hard. When your nervous system is extremely wired it can actually be hard to meditate. I prefer to lay down and allow the ground to support me. This gives a wonderful feeling of safety and support. When you first lay down to meditate it can feel painful or scary because your body is actually relaxing. It can feel like running a marathon and then stopping. Your heart may race and you might have some weird physical or mental sensations but it will go away with your breathing and relaxation.

I love listening to meditations on youTube or the Chopra app. youTube is free so that’s always a plus. I feel like it’s also a plus to listen through headphones. I think I’m able to tune in the best that way.

List for my favorite youTube Meditations
List for my favorite youTube Affirmations

Tips for meditating: lay down, picture your body is jello, allow your mouth to open and your jaw to release, breathe deep but then allow normal breathing to take place or it could feel forced.

Relaxing Herbs and Teas
1. GABA – Helps calm an overactive mind and strengthen neurotransmitters
2. B-Complex – Supports cognitive function and strengthens neurotransmitters leading to help with anxiety and depression
3. CBD – My favorite is Rosebud and Cured
4. Mood Juice by Organic Olivia
5. 5-MTHF – Supports central nervous system and helps if you have a gene mutation leading to nutrient malabsorption
6. Spirulina – Restores brain tissue and support central nervous system, may help with serotonin production
7. Lemon Balm – Reduces stress and anxiety, promotes sleep and eases pain
8. Nettle Leaf – Regulates and supports overactive endocrine system and nervous system
9. Magnesium – Boosts cognitive function and lowers hypertension
10. California Poppy – Helps with anxiety and aches and pains

** Check with your doctor before starting any new supplements, especially if you are taking medication already**

1. Lemon Balm
2. Hibiscus
3. Nettle
4. Licorice Root

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