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How to Create a Functional AND Pretty Kitchen Pantry with HomeGoods

I promise you can have a functional AND pretty kitchen. Not all organized pantries have to be for show on Pinterest or belong to celebrities. I mean… do they even use their pantries? I’m talking dog food, cleaning supplies, chip bags, recycled grocery store bags — pretty. This is all thanks to HomeGoods and some 2018 motivation.

I feel like the pantry is one of the many places that go untouched and forgotten about. Let’s be honest.. it’s behind closed doors literally. Guests don’t see it. Instagram peeps don’t see it. (and we’re all busy) However, it’s a new year and I think we can all get organized, focused and feeling good. I know I feel A LOT better after attacking this pantry.


kitchen pantry before


kitchen pantry before


kitchen pantry before


We redid this closet when we first moved in but it was on the whim. It was purely out of necessity. The closet literally looked like someone took a shoe and wiped it all over the walls. It was really gross so we wrapped the shelves they already had in contact paper and painted the walls. Somehow the walls were gross again this time around.

The contact paper and old paint wasn’t doing it for me anymore so we went to Home Depot and got new shelves. The shelves are literally just wooden boards that are already prefabbed in the storage section. You probably won’t find them in Khloe Kardashian’s pantry but they’re getting the job done over here. Then I painted the walls freshly white with “Frost” by Behr Paint.


Items you can find at HomeGoods to organize your pantry:

I took by butt over to HomeGoods because they always have the BEST organization items. I could literally walk around that store and find organization for my whole house.

  1. Plastic Containers
  2. Baskets
  3. Shelves
  4. Storage Racks & Calendar


I got two different kinds of containers from HomeGoods. The one is just a push top and the other one you have to pump the air out and twist it — both seem to be keeping the food really fresh so far.

The one thing I didn’t take into consideration when buying plastic was that I can’t write on them with paint marker, which are permanent. I ended up getting a chalk marker but it doesn’t look the greatest but it works for keeping track of expiration dates. Another option would be just getting a label gun or I think you can find some printable ones on Etsy.

Tip: keep track of all the expiration dates before tossing the boxes. 🙂


Baskets are key. Don’t get too many though.. you might be tempted to hide mess again. We were having a problem with hiding our plastic shopping bags that we save 1000 of. (goal this year is to use reusable shopping bags. HomeGoods has REALLY cute and big reusable shopping bags for .99 cents!) Thanks to those baskets on the bottom we now neatly hide the shopping bags and all the cleaning supplies. I mean it might’ve been a little weird that we just had our cleaning supplies thrown in our food pantry but at least now they’re covered and hidden right?

The basket on the third shelf down has all of our random packets — things like oatmeal, 3 cookies that are left that are now in a snack bag and the ramen noodles. (can’t beat .99 cents). The top one is also for extra storage. I currently have bags of chips in there. Maybe Mike will be too bothered to get them and stop eating so many chips 🙂


This is something I wish I would’ve thought of sooner. HomeGoods sells so many shelves that you can place on your main shelves. This creates so much space for things you can’t stack. The one for my teas and honeys came in handy. I love that it’s all so organized now. It makes drinking tea that much more relaxing. I also got that cute little honey jar. (adorbs)

Storage Racks & Calendar:

Can you say upgrade? Did you see the little racks we had before? I found these new ones in the last aisle I checked (Always check every aisle. Things are in weird places sometimes) They’re bigger and can hold more things.

I’m now kinda obsessed with the new calendar too. I don’t know about you but Mike is always forgetting about things we have to do. I tried to get him a planner but you know. Now I can say check the pantry! Muahahaha. Pantry AND life organization.

If you’re not already in the organizing mood I have a couple amazing blog posts for you to check out! You’ll get a ton of crazy good ideas from these bloggers!

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  • Gloribell Lebron
    January 30, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    Cara these before and after are so amazing. Everything looks great and I love the idea of having extra storage on the door (plus a calendar). Super!

  • Lizbeth Carrillo
    January 30, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    Cara, it looks awesome! I love the idea of putting the calendar on the pantry door!

  • Carla Hayden
    January 29, 2018 at 9:22 pm

    I adore the storage containers. Love the tip on using baskets. I currently have baskets, and they are hiding things. I need some new smaller ones like you have. Good job.

  • Summer Adams
    January 29, 2018 at 5:13 pm

    Cara, you rocked that pantry girlfriend! Seriously, love all the pieces you chose! I love those pop-up canisters also. You’ll have inspired me to go take my pantry to the next level. It’s not where I wanted it anyway LOL so I’m walking away with a lot of great ideas today. Yours looks so amazing! XOXO

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  • Emily
    January 29, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    This looks so good Cara! I love the big baskets at the bottom. I’m literally headed to homegoods right now to pick up a couple for my linen closet!

  • Kristy Wicks
    January 29, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    I love how organized your pantry is now! All of the little containers make everything look so cohesive, and I’m loving the erasable white board. So gorgeous! Love everything with this fun post xx

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