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12 H&M favorites you’ll love for the new year

Do you feel like you need a treat after surviving the holidays? I think it’s always nice to go into the new year with some new decor or an idea about some small changes you want to make in your home. I came across these new HM decor items and they’re super cute. I feel like HM is one of those companies that is always up on trends or higher end items at a more affordable price.

H&M follows the trends but they’re still classic at the same time. All of the items I have from HM are still out and proud in my home 🙂 Take a look at the new items I think you’ll love…

1// Tan Velvet Cushion Cover 2// Round Stoneware Pot 3// Stoneware Plant Pot 4// Metal Candlestick 5// Face Stoneware Vase 6// Hand Stoneware Vase 7// Pink Jacquare-weave Throw 8// Small Bamboo Bread Basket 9// Beige Velvet Cushion Color 10// Plant Pot with Bubbles / Large vase 11// Washed Linen Cushion Cover 12// Large Bamboo Bread Basket

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