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Color Block Wall and Custom Shelves. Hooray for DIY.

If you’re trying to decide what to do with a certain wall or room, a color block wall is a good choice to bring some life to any space. It’s also great if you’re having trouble choosing between a couple of colors.

I had a vision of color coordinated shelves on a color block wall so I chose this burnt orange color and a pink because I’m a little obsessed with those colors together. I’m in the process of finding books and decor to create the color coordinated shelfie look.  I initially wanted to hang a different chandelier in this space but it ended up being too small. We had this chandelier we used to have in our bedroom so we hung it here in the meantime… and yes we lowered it since this photo. It was just a taddddd too high.


Taping is crucial when doing a color block wall (or any painting project for that matter). I’ve done quite a few walls where it needed to have very clean lines and I’ve found that my favorite tape to use is the Scotch Blue Platinum.

If you’re wondering what the random pieces of tape are at the bottom… those are the heights of the shelves so I could get an idea where everything would be. Tape is actually a great way to figure out how to mark out a wall with gallery walls (hanging pictures) as well.

We have a skinny landing so I knew I wouldn’t be able to go buy a shelf from in-store like IKEA. I knew everywhere would have wider shelves than I needed. We went to Home Depot and got select pine shelves in size 1″x6″. I decided to go with the select pine because there was less of a chance of the knots in the wood coming through. Before painting I primed all the shelves just for some extra reassurance to keep those knots away. After I primed them I let it dry and then went ahead with painting. P.S. Make sure you use a foam roller if you don’t want to see any brush strokes on your projects.


I love love love the colors together. I looked at the colors at Home Depot for about an hour as usual and I’m happy with my decision. As far as spray paint for the brackets my favorite go-to color spray paint is Metallic Gold by Rust-o-leum. If I want more of a “antique” look I’ll go for a brass color.


Colors Used.
Tiki Torch and Island Hopping by Behr
Metallic Gold by Rust-o-leum (spray paint)

Tools Used.
Screw Gun
Measuring Tape
Chop Saw to cut wood

Supplies Used.
Select Pine (the better kind)
Paint Brush
Tape (Scot Blue Platinum)

My plan going forward is to have fabulous color coordinated decor on the shelves. Hopefully I can show you all soon… I just have to find some purple books first. YAYY

I hope you all enjoyed the info. Tag me in all your DIY projects and comment with any questions!!



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