Pink Nola Tiles – One Room Challenge Week 3

It’s week 3 of being a One Room Challenge guest! We’re so pumped to get this project done. We started laying our pink Nola Tiles from Riad Tile and we’re kinda obsessed! I didn’t think it was possible to love a piece of tile so much– it is.

We started laying them on Friday NIGHT which probably wasn’t the best idea because we had a wedding in NYC all day yesterday (Saturday) and we were up until around 3 am. That’s one of the “fun” parts of DIY. We should add onto DIY– DIYWYC (do it yourself when you can).

Ok so remember this is what the bathroom looked like…

bathroom before

And this is where we’re currently at in the progress…

bathroom progress

This photo was taken directly after wiping down the tiles so they look a little discolored but will dry


We laid out the tiles before we started to see what type of pattern we wanted. We ended up going with this one. I liked the triangles that started to form 🙂

The tiles are hand made cement tiles so they’re a little more delicate. We’ve never worked with hand made tiles before but Riad Tile supplies you with so much information.

You can watch this video about putting the tiles in if you’re interested.

tile progress

wiping them down the next morning

We used this tile cutter

This morning we noticed that a couple of the tiles had dark spots on them. We’re still not sure if its because the grout color or because the grout was a little too clumpy. I even thought it could’ve been because those tiles got left in the water too long. I’m going to check in with my friends at Riad Tile 🙂


What’s next:

We have to seal them, wait a couple days and then grout the tiles to fill in the seams. After grouting we will seal them again — so excited! Ideally we would’ve laid the tiles after the walls were primed and painted but we’re getting things done as soon as we can for the challenge. We just have to make sure the tile is properly covered up (a couple layers) when we paint and prime.

I ordered our Bed Bath and Beyond items on Friday. I think some of them shipped. Hopefully they all ship this week so we get going on install. We still have one of the walls open because we’re not exactly sure about placement and what we might have to do behind the wall for the sink plumbing.

ORC Week 3

I can’t wait to get this project finished! This experience has been so fun and so motivating!
Alright, I’m off to go check out how some of the other guest participants are doing! Join me?




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