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Custom Cairo Frame from Framebridge

I’ve been so into getting art professionally framed recently. In this case I’m talking about my 1920’s surfer dude who got a major upgrade with the burlwood Cairo frame from Framebridge. #adulting

A little backstory on surfer dude:
I found him on Facebook market place! It was around midnight (you know, up late searching for cool finds on my phone when I should be sleeping). I RUSHED to the garage sale where he was being sold in the morning. I awkwardly stood there as I watched the owner set up (rude). As soon as I saw he was mostly finished I walked (ran) up to him and asked if he still had it. Then I saw it glowing over in the corner. It’s a photo taken in the 1920’s. Get this… I was actually thinking about not taking it but then I slapped myself silly and here we are. 

Seriously though. I used to just go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels to buy the standard frames off the shelf. One thing I’ve come to realize is that art is not standard. Look, there’s nothing wrong with buying art from Home Goods or printing off of Etsy. I personally have some art from those places. However, if you find a piece from an artist that you’d like to hang… it may not be standard. And even if it is… it’ll look better custom framed.

I redecorated the other side of our room recently. (Opposite of our bed) That side of our room used to seriously look like a storage unit. (the areas of the house that don’t show up on my Instagram feed)

Now it’s a cute little seating area. I ACTUALLY sit there sometimes. Usually when I get stuck working before bed. The best part about it is waking up to it as my view. My FAVORITE thing to see when I wake up is my 1920’s surfer dude print and disco ball reflections dancing all over the room.




Before Framebridge Frame

This was before the ordering the burlwood Cairo frame from Frambridge. I love white walls so white frames can be tough when trying to show off art. Still a great space but just needs that extra pizzazz…. yes I just said pizzazz.


I obviously don’t have to tell you which one is the before and which one is the after. With one small change this whole space did a 360.

Ordering from Framebridge was super easy!

  1. Find which frame you want (you can preview with your art)
  2. Select size
  3. Select how you want to send your art in
    I chose “I have my own (flat)” because my art already had a mat. BUT if you don’t have to send it flat you can just request that they send you a tube.
  4. Print paid shipping label
  5. SEND! (you just have to pay for shipping)
    Shipping for mine was $20 at Fed Ex for a pretty large piece of art. Not bad!
It’s really THAT easy. And IF you did still have questions about Framebridge, their customer service is SO quick and helpful. I had a question about sending in my art because of the mat and I wasn’t sure if the shipping was paid etc. They got back to me same day within hours.


Framebridge Cairo Frame

Framebridge Cairo_Frame

I am still so excited about our new frame. I think Surfer dude loves it too. Also, I think it’s about time we name him. Comment some name ideas below 😉



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  • Choice Furniture Superstore
    October 10, 2017 at 6:06 am

    I just love this post. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Katie
    October 2, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    His name should be Conrad 🙂 Love this space!!

    xo Katie | wanderabode.com

    • goldalamode
      October 3, 2017 at 2:17 pm

      Omg it’s so funny that you say that! That’s one of my favorite boy names! I might have to save it in case we ever have a baby haha!!