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    Office nook inspo – Before and After

    Let’s face it… we all run out of space here and there. It’s especially easy to run out of room in a closet style work space. The closet may not be an ideal amount of room for an office area but you can get more use out of it then you think. It can also be just as if not more inspiring than a regular office. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your closet office or any office space.

    Office Nook

    Just because your space is small it doesn’t mean it has to lack inspiration or functionality. Sometimes your small space can have even more character. Below are some tips and visuals to help you get your best possible office space going.


    1. Use a desk that you can fit things underneath. Use the room underneath your desk for a small cabinet, baskets, boxes or any other type of storage.

    I used to have a desk with drawers but all that got me was as big mess and less leg room. I found this wood desk at Home Goods and instantly fell in love. I love it because I can fit items underneath and having more leg room is more comfortable for long hours.


    Office Nook Before

    Home Goods Office Nook

    Acrylic Box

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