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Office Nook Overhaul with Chasing Paper Wallpaper

It’s official. Removable wallpaper is my jam! Oh my god. Am I addicted to removable wallpaper? Someone comment the number to a wallpaper lovers anonymous in the comments. JK. If loving removable wallpaper is wrong I don’t wanna be right.

Mike and I tested the waters last week in my office nook closet. I use this little nook for storage, my printer, and all of my office supplies. Let me start off by saying… if a couple can make it through hanging wallpaper together I’m pretty sure they can make it through anything. What I mean is… it’s not hard, it’s tedious but SOOO worth it! I’m also pretty sure it’s way easier than hanging regular wallpaper. Also, who wants to commit to permanent wallpaper? Not me. Not that permanent wallpaper is bad. I may just be traumatized by the apple wallpaper every 90’s house had in the kitchen. All I’m saying is this is NOT your granny’s apple wallpaper. (no offense granny)

I’m going to share our experience with hanging our Chasing Paper wallpaper. I went with their new line with Sabrina Soto. It’s called Banana Leaves. It was so hard to choose which one I wanted to go with because they have SO many gorgeous ones! Go have a look, you’ll see what I mean. Before I hung this wallpaper, the office nook was just a plain pink color. Although it looked pretty it just wasn’t giving me that wow factor. The rest of my walls in the office are all white (as if most of my house). I’m not huge into painting my walls but I’ve learned I’m pretty huge into wallpapering them.

Sabrina Soto x Chasing Paper


Office Nook Before

Office Nook Before

Office Nook Before

Office Nook Before


So let’s start with my first tip… MEASURE CORRECTLY!
I only say this because somehow I didn’t. I’m really still clueless about how I didn’t order the correct amount. Anyway, instead of ordering more I painted the side walls white. Which I think looks better anyway. I think if I wallpapered all of the walls it would’ve looked like too much.

I left the back wall pink because its not going to be seen anyway. If you’re looking for a fresh bright white to pair with your wallpaper, we use Frost by Behr, which you find at Home Depot. The wallpaper is a thick material. It’s very easy to work with. I thought I was going to have to worry about ripping it or denting it but it’s actually really durable.

The wallpaper comes with great instructions. The instructions they include made me feel really at ease. It was however a little more tedious than we thought only because our wall ended up being crooked! (of course) But hey… that’s the name of the DIY game. You’re going to run into little problems here and there. Since our wall was a little off we just had to pull and manipulate the wallpaper a little bit. It’s pretty easy to work with so don’t worry if you run into the same problem.

Applying. When you start to apply you will just stick a little bit at a time and then rub the air bubbles out. It’s literally like sticking a huge sticker to your wall. We then used a razor to cut the wallpaper panel to size down near the molding. It’s fairly easy to match up the panels. We only had a little bit of trouble because of the crooked closet wall. Also, at one part of the wall we noticed it was matching up better if we overlapped them a TINY bit. I’m talking TINY!


AFTER: **insert heart eye emoji**

Office Nook After Wallpaper Office Nook After Wallpaper Office Nook Decor After Wallpaper Office Nook After Wallpaper

The closet nook wasn’t bad before but now it’s AMAZING! The wallpaper creates such a lively and inspiring feel in the room.

A special thanks to Chasing Paper for helping me finally create such a special little office nook. If you’re planning on getting removable wallpaper I highly recommend them. There is a wallpaper for everyone and they just came out with a dreamy new collection called LABL Studio as well as the Sabrina Soto one.

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