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Our guest room got a mattress upgrade with Belham Living and this is what I think!

We have some lucky guests (mainly my mom when she visits from FL) because they get to sleep on the new Belham Living mattress by DHP Furniture now! The one we had before this had been around for A WHILE! Hasta la vista!

Speaking of hasta la vista.. can we admit the days of going into the store to buy a mattress are gone as well? I mean the convenience of this mattress can’t be beat. It comes right in the mail with a little opener to slice it open. You put it on the bed, cut open the plastic and it puffs up! It’s like magic. On top of the convenience, the comfort is 10 out of 10. Ours is a size full and runs $326 exclusively at Walmart. In my opinion this is an AMAZING mattress at an even better price. I think this is my new suggestion when people ask!

belham living mattress

goldalamode mattress

About the mattress:

The mattress is a 10″ gel memory foam mattress. The gel memory foam is super “breathable” which helps control your temperature when you sleep. This is my absolute FAVORITE because I get so hot when I sleep. If I get hot while I sleep I usually end up waking up with a headache.

The mattress is also super supportive and you can barely feel the person laying next to you. So if you sleep next to someone like me who tosses and turns then this might be a great bed for you!

belham living mattress

belham living mattress dogs

In my opinion I love the memory foam bed way better than the spring mattresses. I have fibro and my body is always in pain so I’m kinda like a comfort connoisseur! My mom also suffers in pain with arthritis and she LOVED this mattress!

guest room mattress

The charcoal gel memory foam also helps control odor. That’s great for this household! When we tell the dogs they have to go downstairs they go to the guest room now. I think they were hoping the new mattress was for them!

guest room belham living

I also LOVE the look of the mattress too. Not only is it soft and comfy but it’s super chic!

belham living guest room

magic linen bedding

Who’s ready to take a nap on this cozy mattress?! ME!

If you’re looking for a new mattress I highly suggest you check this one out NOW!




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