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Make Any Round Table High End with this Simple Fluted Base DIY

I recently got the urge to change our dining room around a little bit! We had a square concrete table in there which was beautiful but since the dining room is so small and square I think it made the room look too boxy. I thought a round table would balance the space out a little more.

I’ve had this vision of a round table with a fluted wooden base. I hopped on Facebook Marketplace because who has 2k for a dining table, especially right now. AM I RIGHT?! I had to search for a couple weeks. When you’re looking for something specific on the for sale apps it usually takes some time for the perfect item to pop up.

TIP – use saved searches on Facebook Marketplace using key words so you can get notifications when new ads you’re looking for pop up!


Snapped a quick pic when we brought it home. I’m so happy I have a before photo!


What you’ll need:

Wooden Dowels
Table Saw
Nail Gun and/or Wood Glue
Air Compressor for Nail Gun
(or buy the compressor/gun combo)


  1. We went to Home Depot to pick up some dowels. This is the fun part because you get to choose what you want your table base to look like. There’s many size dowels to choose from. We went with 1 1/2″ dowels. I believe they were $2-2.19 per foot. We ended up spending around $90 on wood for the base.
    (We bought the table for $10 so this was still a steal after spending $90 on wood. I bought the table with 4 chairs for $40 and ended up selling the chairs for $30 )
  2. You’re going to need a miter saw to cut the dowels down to the size you need and then in half. You want to cut them in half so that they lay flat.

3. This is where you’re going to attach your pieces to the base of the table. We used a brad nailer and wood glue. You COULD use only wood glue but it’ll take longer because the pieces won’t stick right away. You would have to brace the pieces to the table to give them time to dry probably.

4. You now have the option to paint or stain your base! Don’t forget to fill in the little nail holes with some wood putty. I haven’t finished this step yet but I believe I will just be using a clear sealing stain to keep it that original wood color. I MIGHT stain it but I’m not painting it. I’m sure that would look cool on some tables though!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! You can even use this technique on a side or end table! You can probably even create your own base out of something and find a table top on Facebook Marketplace. Play and have fun! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments! Tag me on Instagram with all of your table DIYs!


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