Week 2 of One Room Challenge – Popcorn ceiling removal. Emphasis on Challenge!

It’s week two of One Room Challenge… and that was exactly what this week was…a challenge!

We started the popcorn ceiling which seemed like the biggest project in the room. We figured we’d try to tackle that first since it was the hardest and also so it would be easier to put up the wallpaper and paint the floor. We didn’t know that would be the ONLY thing we started this week. So let’s just say we’re already feeling that ORC heat. Hopefully we catch up in the next couple of weeks. It IS hard to redo an entire room WHILE working other jobs and trying to maintain a home, basically a farm over here and celebrate like 4 family members birthdays. How inconsiderate with the birthdays right?

You know all of those how-to videos you’ve seen where the popcorn ceiling comes off so smooth? It’s almost satisfying to watch because it just comes off so smooth….. NOPE! Not for us. We got hit with the reality stick hard this week.

Mike started spraying the ceiling with water and scraping and we could already see that the ceiling wasn’t scraping evenly or smoothly. We’re not exactly sure why it came off like that. If you have any idea please leave a comment!

ORC before

ORC before

ORC before

ORC before

Notice the piece of sheetrock we already broke. That’s why we rented the drywall lifter 🙂

So you can see that the ceiling looks  a little rough right now.

We have the sheetrock ready to install. We rented a drywall lift from Home Depot for $40 for 48 hours. I think that’s a STEAL. It’s really so helpful when you’re DIYing. I first saw my Insta friend Sara’s husband using this for one of their projects. It’s so funny they actually live like a half hour away too and we’ve never met ha! I knew we had to get one for this project.

I really wish I took a photo / video of Mike trying to DIY make a drywall lifter out of 2x4s. He broke a piece of sheetrock in half. Good times.

This week hopefully we can get the ceiling painted, the floor painted, the wallpaper ordered, the closet painted and doors installed. Will all of this happen? Maybe not  but we’re going to try. I’m actually leaving for LA on the 26th so I’m hoping we can get a lot done before then. Wish us luck!

one room challenge

Make sure you go check out the other guest participants! There are SO many great bloggers and projects. Enjoy!

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