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The Walls and Floor are Painted. Now onto decor! – Week 5 One Room Challenge

Hi. This is that one time it was Week 5 of One Room Challenge and nothing came in the mail yet. Welcome.

The walls and floor are painted. That is a good thing. I’m kinda missing a lot of aspects of the room right now which is not a good thing. It’s all good thought, right? Just kinda winging it over here. That’s the name of the game. That’s the fun in ORC right?!?! RIGHT?!

Hey… at least the walls and floor are painted! The biggest chunks of the project are done for the most part — ceiling, floor and walls.

I wanted the walls to be a LITTLE more purple than they are but I think it’s enough. I debated repainting the whole room but it turns out I’m not that crazy. Or maybe I was tired. I also decided to paint all the trim the same color as the walls. A) it’s easier but that wasn’t the main reason. B) I just think it has a little more edge to it and not such a finished look. I think it screams rebel in decor 🙂

After I painted the walls I headed to the floor. Some people might be wondering why I PAINTED the laminate floor but I just wasn’t feeling the rustic looking laminate. We picked that 5 years ago on a whim just so we could get rid of the carpet and it’s just not my style at all. The white floor might be a lot to keep up with but I think it looks so bright and fresh. Plus this is the guest room so hopefully the dogs won’t be going in here much to get dog hair all over the white floor. Let me tell ya…. EVERYTHING shows!

If you’re going to attempt painting your laminate floors make sure you prime it first! I went with the odorless primer this time and it’s SO much better! It kinda smells like a really strong nail salon. The other one smells like I should be concerned for every living thing around me.

Also get yourself a foam roller and a long rolling stick. (is that what they’re called?)

I also get the heavy duty paint. I personally use Behr from Home Depot for the most part and they have a paint that is actually for walking on it so just ask for that one. The color I’m using is Frost. That’s my go-to white.

…and VOILA!

It’s kinda purple right?

I still have to figure out what I’m doing with the closet! But I can’t wait to show you guys the doors!!!

My lighting sponsorship fell through for the project so I had to order one the other night. I’m seriously praying it comes in time. If not…. IDK 🙂


I CANNOT WAIT to show you all the final product. I’ve made you wait almost 6 weeks to even see the decor. I hope you’re as excited as I am. Make sure you go check out some of the other guest participants too. There are SO many good ones!

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