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    6 Ways to Reach Cozy Level 100 in Your Bedroom

    Do you ever see a picture of someone’s bedroom on Instagram and think to yourself “that space looks so cozy!”

    What your eyes see is texture and tones. Texture and color can be a magical combination in making your space feel cozy and Pinterest worthy. Adding texture to your space can also make it pop in photos. It gives your space the definition and depth it needs to stand out.

    One of my favorite stores to shop at for decor is Home Goods. Let me tell you why.. I have a thing with shopping at thrift stores and antique stores. You never know what you’re going to find. I kind of feel the same way about Home Goods. There is something different in each store (which can sometimes be a bummer if you’re looking for something specific). However, it makes every shopping experience unique. When you go in you can see texture and tones popping out everywhere. I’ve also noticed that Home Goods coordinates items by color a lot of the times. They also separate by style and season as well. If you’re looking for a certain tone, no problem. If you’re looking for texture, head to the boho section. There’s seriously something for everyone. Below you’ll see my top 6 ways to make YOUR bedroom cozy!

    1. Add emotion evoking tones and textures.

    Add items to your space that evoke emotion. If you want to feel relaxed, add items that remind you of a relaxing time. For me the beach is a super relaxing place. I love to add light colors with a beachy feel. Pinks, whites, sandy colors, light blues. Picture a beach at sunset. #happyplace. Items that give you the feeling of a beach house but don’t necessarily say PUT ME IN YOUR BEACH HOUSE!

    Some colors that you can add for a relaxing feel are pastels, blues, whites, neutrals. Sometimes warm colors relax people — red, orange, yellow.

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