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    How-to: DIY Faux Brick Wall

    Let’s face it, we all can’t live in a swanky Brooklyn apartment. Did I just say swanky? Mike and I were at Home Depot not too long ago and we saw these sheets of faux brick. I knew I definitely wanted to use them in my home, I just wasn’t sure where. Our garage was converted into a room before we moved in. When I say converted, I mean barely. We call it the “dog room” because that’s where our dogs sleep. I think we need to come up with a new name. Any ideas?

    We recently started refinishing this room. We (Mike) put up walls, put a window in, put the faux brick wall up, and painted. I have to say the brick wall gives the room so much character. The panel comes in original brick coloring but we painted ours white. There are different ways to make the panel look like aged bricks from 100s of years ago, which you can find online. I chose to go with the bright white bricks. You can have trendy Brooklyn living but keep your back yard and easy trip to the grocery store. (If you’ve ever carried groceries through the subway you know what I mean)


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