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    Plans to Create an Office Space in our Garage Room

    I’ve posted about this room before and attempted to make it a beautiful space but I haven’t gotten it to look exactly how I want just yet. I’ve also never really planned it out like this before either. I was more so just piecing it together with things I had or cheaper things I could afford at the time. I have some plans now and want you to help me pick a color by Benjamin Moore!

    The biggest project we tackled in there was installing a window. That was a huge change for the space. It added a ton of light in there. Before the window it felt like a cave. We also installed faux brick paneling to the window wall. You can check out that DIY if you’re interested in doing that in your own home. I think I’m going to keep that in there for now because it’ll probably be more of a pain to take it off.

    I have a lot of the furniture picked out so far. The only thing that will definitely change from these plans is the sofa. I kinda just picked a white loveseat that I liked online. It’s tricky because I need a pretty small sofa for that area in front of the window. Mike’s fish tank also has a little room behind it where he does all of the work for the tank so he has to still get back there through that small door.

    My plans:

    So the main thing I’m debating here is paint! I’m either going with Dusty Miller by Benjamin Moore or Oil Cloth by Benjamin Moore. I saw the color Oil Cloth on @mandimakes Instagram account. That space of hers is SO beautiful!

    Ok so let’s get to it…..

    Option 1: Dusty Miller

    Dusty Miller by Benjamin Moore

    Option 2: Oil Cloth

    Oil Cloth by Benjamin Moore

    Black Wall Lamp // Black Desk // Art
    Pink Office Chair // Tall Cabinet // White Loveseat

    Let me know in the comments what you guys think of the options! So far I’m leaning towards the darker color, Oil Cloth because I think it gives more of a contrast and I kind of want the room to be a little more moody. Let me know.