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    4 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes for Beginner Bakers

    Now we all know I’m no food blogger or baker or anything along those lines. I’m actually proud of myself for even making all of them and packing them in little boxes to actually give to people!

    So, because I’m a beginner Christmas cookie maker I figured I’d let you know what recipes I made for my first time so you can too! Just to be complete transparent I found that these recipes were easy but it still took A LOT of time. I say designate a whole day to this. All of the recipes were found on Pinterest. The orginal blogs are below so you can follow the recipe too!

    Easy Christmas Cookies

    Oreo Cream Cheese

    I think these were the best ones! They’re actually the ones that Mike picked out. I think we could’ve added one more drop of green food coloring 🙂

    Oreo Cream Cheese The Baking Chocolatess
    Oreo Cream Cheese recipe from The Baking Chocolatess

    Red Velvet Crinkles

    These were SUPER easy! I mean they’re made from a box. I feel like that kind of cheating but it’s okay. I burned the first batch because I put them back in the oven when they started deflating. Rookie mistake.

    Red Velvet Cookies Chocolate with Grace
    Red Velvet Crinkle recipe from Chocolate with Grace

    Soft Glaze Gingerbread

    I changed these because I didn’t have the cookie presses. I kinda want to order them for next year though. So pretty! I made the regular ginger bread men. I don’t think they work as well with the glaze though. Looking back I feel like I should have dipped them half way into the glaze. I sprinkled some cinnamon on top too.

    Glazed Gingerbread
    Glazed Gingerbread recipe from The View from Great Island

    Sugar Cookie

    These are definitely sweet. I prefer a spicier cookie over a sweet one but these are still delicious. It was fun to decorate them too. Peep the rooster cookies 🙂

    picky palate sugar cookie
    Sugar Cookie recipe from Picky Palate
    christmas cookie box

    I hope you all have an amazing holiday and plan on making some easy cookies next year. If I can do it so can you!

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