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Our Mega Living Room Refresh with Article

We recently refreshed our living room in a big way! I’m so excited about the changes we made. I actually can’t stop posting about it on Instagram now. Are you guys sick of it yet?

I partnered with Article to show you some pieces of furniture that will give your living room a whole new look! Let me know in the comments what your favorite part of this living room refresh is your favorite!

Oscuro Black Cabinet

We used to have a mid-century wood console under the TV and although I loved that piece, it needed some work. It was a little rickety and I think I was done with the wood tones in this room for now, at least for the time being. I think the black Oscuro cabinet pops off of the pink really nicely and just gives it a fresh look. I also love the fluted glass. It’s enough to make me stay organized but also doesn’t show every detail. It adds some texture to the room too!

BEFORE (I only had this photo from Christmas time LOL)
Lignum black shelving unit and Silicus coffee table (last chance to buy the coffee table)

I wanted to tie in some more black so I went with the Lignum shelf! It’s really fun! It has this a really great shape to add some architectural elements to the room. It leans against the wall and still super sturdy! Trust me, I have two cats that climb all over it. (I’ve stopped holding my breath) The top kinda reminds me of a tree in some way too. I love a piece of furniture that brings a grounding / earthy feel to a room 🙂

Gabriola Ivory Boucle Chair

Are you still obsessed with boucle? I am. I feel like this will ALWAYS be one of my favorite fabrics and ways to add texture to a room. The cats agree… I’ve had to teach them it’s not a scratching post though. It’s totally worth the 5 times I have to remind them every day though! LOL I honestly have to mention that Article’s pieces are super affordable and such good quality. I’m not only mentioning that because I’m working with them but this chair is $429! An absolute gem! The Gabriola chair is a total YES!

Black Leap Sconce

The other favorite of mine is the new sconce we have, the Leap sconce. It’s super modern and looks really classic basically anywhere. Plus it’s only $69! Such a great light. I actually don’t even mind the wire hanging down. I think it’s fun!


I hope you enjoyed our living room update! If you want to play around with moodboards for your room, Over is a great app to put some pictures together. I use Over to make the moodboard and another app called Eraser to erase backgrounds. Have fun designing! 🙂

Stay well. Lots of love,

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