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Half bath with a splash of pink is almost done! – One Room Challenge week 6

The vanity is installed! Hallelujah!

As of last week we we has just received the vanity and were just about to install it. Worry no more — the vanity was installed with ease (kinda). The light and mirror were hung too! Yay!

It has been kinda cool to watch something I planned on the internet come to life. If you didn’t watch from the beginning you can go check out my week one blog post with the before photos and just my ideas. I started off thinking I wanted to do some sort of wallpaper but I’m glad I decided to do without. The Nola tiles from Riad Tile are already show stoppers. I think it would’ve been too much going on with the wallpaper.

I ordered a rug from Bed Bath and Beyond too (shown above in the product list) but it was too big with the tassels. It looked really pretty with the other products but the door wouldn’t open and close with the tassels. I’m going to have to go in the next couple of days to grab a different rug and a couple other accessories. (candle, soap, maybe more towel, etc. ) You know… stuff for the pretty styled photos. I have two pictures in mind that I want to hang. I think I might need something really small for the one wall. Details details details!


Ok, so this is where we started…



… and this is where we are now.





I absolutely love the vanity. I’m debating spray painting the vanity handles gold. I feel like that is kinda like tampering with the vanity’s original state, especially if someone wants to buy it — I don’t want them to be confused on what it will look like. However, I want it to match the rest of the bathroom’s gold accessories.

… and are you dying over the floor? Did I mention I was obsessed? If I didn’t say it enough already I’m going to say it again. LOVE!


I think that’s it until next week! Woo hoo! Reveal week! I’m so excited to show you the finished product and see all the other contestants projects. I had so much fun joining in as a guest!

Go check out the rest of the guest’s projects! There are some amazing spaces being created!




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