DIY Fixer Upper One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge Week 6: New Floors and Paint Reveal!

We went from having almost nothing done last week to having completely new floors and finally putting some color on the walls. I’m still a little nervous just because I still didn’t get the wallpaper for the ceiling and I’m waiting for more paint in the mail. The chair I ordered also didn’t arrive yet and the reveal is in two weeks!

Let me know you what we’ve done so far!

I’m working with the wonderful Kelly-Moore for the paint! I picked a couple colors that I wouldn’t normally choose but I wanted to make the office fun and push myself out of my comfort zone a little bit. I went with Top Hat Tan for the walls. I also went with Top Hat Tan for the molding but in high gloss. I’m waiting to see if I’ll be able to see a difference. I hope so. I chose California Gold Rush for the cabinet I’m putting in there and then I got a little pop of color called Bowling Green because I wanted to paint a lampshade I had for my squiggle lamp! I think all of the colors together will pair well and be really fun.

Top Hat Tan by Kelly-Moore

I love that the color is like a moody pinkish brown. It shows a little more pink in person but I LOVE how it looks in photos. It’s such a calming and comforting tone. This is without any editing so thats exactly how it looks. As you can see I started painting the molding with the high gloss. It MIGHT show up a tiny bit brighter but I’m not sure. Either way I think it’ll look really nice.

I love the molding we put around this window. I wanted to do something different and keep it kinda sculptural and fun.

I started painting around the arch and it was SO satisfying. I’m so obsessed with the arch we created. I also LOVE the Top Hat Tan color with the floor color. The closet door also got installed. That isn’t the final color. I think I’m either going to keep it the same as the walls OR use Marshmallow by Kelly-Moore.

I cannot wait to add the handles by Delaney Hardware to the doors. It’s going to look SO SO SO good!!

The floors were insane to get done. We hired a company to do it or else we would’ve been redoing them for 3 weeks. When they first sanded them it was SO light. It’s yellow pine and it was YELLOW. I initially was going to leave them natural but I was like oh no, this isn’t good ha! So I chose Puritan Pine stain by Bona. After they stained it, it was so orange. Again, I was like oh no! I had them sand it lightly and add a seal on it with a little bit of a white finish and it lightened them and kept it more of a brown tone than orange. So I’m really happy with the final product now.

We’re finally starting to move furniture upstairs tonight and doing some of the DIY on the shelves and cabinet. I cannot WAIT to start getting decor in this room! We also have to redo the closets and get some shelves up etc. The wait is almost over!!

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Check out some of the other amazing featured designers for ORC. I’m so excited to see all of their rooms! And as always, thank you Linda for having me as a designer, Better Homes and Gardens the media partner and all of the wonderful sponsors that make this possible! 

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