DIY Fixer Upper One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge Week 2: The Office is Just Studs!

Happy second week of One Room Challenge. Thank you so much for being here and being interested in this office reno journey! If you didn’t see, here’s last week‘s post about my plans for this space where I also explain the One Room Challenge some more. This week the room is down to the studs!

Real quick, thank you to Linda for asking me to be a part of ORC this season, thank you to the media partner Better Homes & Gardens and to all of the wonderful sponsors that make these spaces happen. I’ll be showing my sponsors and specific items next week so keep your eyes peeled!

How the Room Currently Looks

So, that’s what the office looks like right now. IN CURRENT TIME… frightening right? ha! BUT things are about to start really moving. Of course we picked up the garbage and swept etc so it’s a little better than these photos **nervous laughter**

I’m debating leaving that left side of the closet open as open shelving but he shelves go really far back so it’s a little bit of wasted spaced unless I can keep it for storage. It’ll be nice to put the printers and stuff like that in there though. I have some wallpaper going into the bigger side of the storage. It’s really funky, from Society6. It’s going to be a really fun office. I’m not taking myself too seriously with this one, ya know? I’m going to play with color and patterns and shapes.

This Week’s Agenda

This week is going to be a HUGE one. A lot of the big cosmetic stuff is going to start happening like the sheetrock going up and MAYBE we will have someone start tape and spackle for us as well. Once the walls are done it’s going to start looking like an actual room and will feel a little less stressful. Then I can go ahead and paint, add molding and all. I can’t start moving stuff into the room JUST YET because we’re getting the floors done too. I’m debating to moving the floors completely though… we’ll see! Who am I kidding?! I will start moving stuff into the room immediately.

There’s currently a couple roadblocks because I don’t have window treatments yet or shelving for my products for Goldly. Goldly is my online website that I’m building the office for… and Goldalamode of course 🙂 Hopefully I can get those two sorted out shortly!

something and be able to grab a book or something. It’s also super tempting not to make little secret compartments where the A-frame is boxed off. Lets get started on the sheetrock and then I’ll update you! Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are!

New post coming next Wednesday!

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