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Introducing Miimo the Robot Lawn Mower

Get ready to have some extra spare time added to your week. I want to tell you guys about this ROBOT lawn mower by Honda called Miimo.

Miimo is an intelligent robotic lawn mower that cuts your grass for you! It’s all set up on a schedule and keep your grass cut short so you don’t have to worry about it. You can spend that time with family, self-care or just flat out watching Netflix. Let me tell you more about it!

Miimo Lawn Mower Goldalamode

Miimo is customized to your yard. It makes it’s way around your whole yard perfectly. The lawn mower gets programmed with a wire that ends up not even being seen! Your Miimo dealer will come out and set it all up for you. It’s pretty simple so you can edit it yourself or just call your dealer for help.

It had 360 degree awareness and it can get over garden stones if they’re put in the ground like pictured above. It detects any type of lifting or tilting and shuts off for safety. It cuts the grass while my dogs are out and it’s super safe. The blade isn’t wide enough to run over any paws. I wanted to mention that if that was something you were concerned about!

Miimo Lawn Mower with Chicken Coop

Ours comes out a couple times a day after charging and keeps the grass cut at all times. When the battery runs low it makes it’s way back to the docking station to charge itself. Mike just goes out to do minor edging which makes his life way more simple. He can spend time with me or doing important house projects.. like the kitchen!

I’m looking forward to start fresh in the spring with it next year. Check it out for your own yard!


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