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How to Frame Anything Yourself

One of the most important parts of styling your home is ART! What you have on your walls plays a huge roll in what the room you’re decorating looks like. I want to tell you about a fun way that you can frame anything without the hassle or price tag of getting it framed professionally. I think it’s wonderful to frame things professionally but if you’re looking to keep price down and you want to keep it funky then read below.

hobby lobby framing

I found this faux burl wood frame at Brimfield Antique Show with a doggy drawing in it when I went recently with my friend Mariana. We were just about to get to the car when I spotted this little frame. I could tell instantly that it wasn’t real burl and definitely not worth the $25 price tag on it. Sometimes I’ve skipped out on buying things like this because I didn’t want the collectors and vintage experts of Instagram to look down on me. But guess what? I don’t care anymore. If I like it and I can picture in my home I’m going to get it.

I also thought it would be fun to test out framing art with it. If it all went downhill I was only $18 in the hole. I could picture so much more for this frame though. I knew I had to have it because when I saw it I instantly pictured a photo of my grandmother in it with a super wide mat. If I can picture something instantly in my home or picture instantly what I want to do with it then I get it. If I have that feeling of “hmm do I need this?” then I probably don’t. I like when things in my home have a use or significant meaning. I don’t like to fall for that “get it decorated quick to look nice on Instagram” mentality but sometimes you just need something to fill space.

burl frame in office
burl frame with hobby lobby mat
Old photo of my grandmother Joyce at a museum

I ended up getting the frame and the following week I went to Hobby Lobby to buy a mat for it. If you go to the framing section there they can cut you any size mat you want. They ask how you want it, measure it, cut it and give it to you all within minutes. The mat I got cut for this frame was only $10. Then you can use your 40% coupon on Hobby Lobby’s website!

burl wood frame

It’s as easy as that.

Find a frame at a thrift store.
Pick art or a photo you want to frame.
Go to Hobby Lobby for a mat
Frame it!
Hang & enjoy!

You might also be able to get a mat made at other craft stores that do custom framing. I’ve never done it so I’m not sure if they do it. I’d call before you go.

Hope you all enjoyed this and frame everything you love.
Xo, Cara

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