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A Fresh Take on Fall Decor: 6 Ideas For Styling Your Home This Season


Who doesn’t love fall? Cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice, and fresh air. One of most fun parts about fall is the decorating. However, at times it can be fake leaf and pumpkin overload. There are plenty of ways you can fallify your home to the max and also avoid buying 87 pumpkins. (Although, I love me some white pumpkins).

Here are 6 (different) ways you can decorate your home for fall

Fall Tones. You don’t necessarily have to bring in fall decor to make it feel like fall in your home. You can add the feel of fall by adding fally tones. You can add plants, pillows, candles, rugs or just about anything! Go to Home Goods where they have all of their pillows organized by color!

Cozy Textures. One of the best things about fall is being able to cuddle up on your couch and light a pumpkin candle. Adding faux fur and other textured fabrics to your home and make it feel oh-so-fally! I found some wool ball garland from Hobby Lobby and you can use them anywhere in the house! You can also use them through the winter as well. I also, found tons of faux fur blankets and pillows at Home Goods. My favoritttte find of all was the burnt orange velvet pillows! Seriously does it get any more beautiful?

Candles. Not only do they smell amazing but they can add even more fall tones to your home. One thing I’m absolutely obsessed with this season is black candles. Not only do they look elegant but they give it a fally / halloween feel moving towards the end of October.

Mixed Metals. Copper and gold tones can give it a really fall feel by resembling all the amazing colors of the season. The falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes obviously. I found these copper tables at Home Goods! The candle sticks are vintage except for the cactus one; that one is from HM.

Pumpkin Art. So everyone loves a classic carved pumpkin on the step but you can add pumpkins into your decor. You can use just about anything at the craft store to make pumpkin art. I did a mud cloth fabric print to keep it fun and boho but it still represents fall.

Books. Books are one of my FAVORITE things to decorate with. They can bring color to any space. I might not read them all but I sure do enjoy looking at them. You can go to just about any used furniture / thrift shop and find used books. Look for the orange, yellow, reds, and rustic browns to bring some fall feel to your space.

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Okay, now back to cuddling and drinking this pumpkin spice latte.

As always thanks for reading and I hope you got some ideas! Tag me in your posts on IG!




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