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Ease Your Mind with Blink Home Security

I’ve always wanted a way to ease our minds of security worries and also keep an eye on our dogs (mainly watch the dogs). We got our hands on our own Blink home security camera, and I have to say I’m super excited about it. Blink is very affordable starting at $99 and fits in to my home discreetly with its sleek, wire-free look.

We have three dogs who have been known in the past to chew the pillows on the sofa, rugs and try to attack the mailman. (I’ve heard stories) So my husband Mike and I always wanted a way to find out who the culprit was. I’m pretty sure they might’ve seen us set up the camera because they haven’t chewed anything or been bad to the mailman. HOWEVER, I do find myself showing people when I’m out how good my girls are. I was at the HGTV event a couple of weeks ago, and I was literally showing people my dogs on my Blink home security camera. There they were, so candid, sweet just laying around on the sofa. I’m pretty sure people might’ve thought I was a crazy dog mom but whatever.

We’re convinced we need one for our bedroom too because they spend a lot of time there when we’re out. We also want one for outside now too. There are SO many way to use Blink home security.

  1. Outdoor Security – You can use it to watch your front or back door. You can use it to watch when your Amazon packages arrive…. you know just in case you have to hide them from your significant other. (jk hunny)

  2. Indoor Security – We’d like to think that everyone that comes into our home is trustworthy but in reality that’s not always true. It’s a great way to have ease of mind if you’re worried about people in the house.

  3. To Watch Pets – This is personally what I love it for. With Blink’s continuous live view feature, the camera can serve as an always on camera like a baby monitor. This feature will use the battery life up a bit quicker though! You never know what your fur babies are doing when you’re not home. They could be throwing parties with the dogs down the block. My husband and I joke about that… I know it’s geeky ok? But seriously if you’re house training or just have a rebel pet this is great.

  4. To Keep an Eye on the Kids – I would imagine this would be great for a playroom or child’s room. You can check in and make sure everything is ok!

It was super easy to set up! Even Mike could do it. Ha! (again, sorry hunny). The app is very user friendly and easy to use too.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll see on your phone:

I personally love that there are different settings on the app that you download for Blink home security. My favorite part is that you can ‘arm’ and ‘disarm’ in the app so that it alerts you when there is movement. That can be tricky with the dogs because they move quite a bit but it’s nice because you can see if your mail person is there by all the barking. Oh yeah, there’s sound! I love that feature too! Make sure you’re not gossiping about anyone that can watch **wink wink** There’s also night vision!

Speaking of sound… **sigh**

I hope you enjoy YOUR new Blink home security!


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