My Current Favorites in Fashion!

There will always be current popular trends in fashion. However, there are some trends that will just never go out of style. Depending what type of look or style you’re going for you will see the same styles pop up every season but there are some looks this season I can’t get enough of!

Peep toe mules, flowing stripes & vintage style denim!!

Here’s  a list and some link to some of my favorite items as of current! Don’t worry about breaking the bank because I’ve provided you low, medium, and high price range depending what you’re looking for!

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My favorite mules:

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38727749_040_g mules1

Not only am I obsessing over these shoes… but I am obsessing over them in red and burnt orange!! Amazing amazing amazing for any outfit! Wear them with vintage denim or with wide legs pants for a more classic look! LOVE!

My favorite flowing stripes:

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1467076158102135064 image1 (1)

My favorite “Vintage” denim:

IMG_5238 IMG_5237


I hope you enjoyed my fashion favs and found some items you love too!






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