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CB2 is having a bathroom makeover sale… and it’s GOOD!

Who doesn’t love a good home decor sale? Especially when you need to redo an entire room!


If you’ve recently been thinking about redoing your bathroom, this sale is for you. Don’t overwhelm yourself with buying everything at once. When you see sales like this hop on them! You can wait for things to go on sale and collect what you need. It’s a great way to save money and get the best of the best.

Here are some of Goldalamode’s favorties from the CB2 20% off mini bathroom makeover sale!

brass rectangle mirror

Classic mirror and it also comes in a larger size if you have a double sink. There are endless possibilities to use this mirror in your bathroom because it can go with just about any style.


Keep it tidy with these accessories!

gold towel holder

Don’t leave a folded towel on the counter because gross. Get a sleek gold towel bar. We love gold over here!
It comes in 3 different sizes. Also check these out!

Gold toilet paper holder

You guys! Is it me or is it hard to find a cool gold toilet paper holder? This one is on sale for $21.21… whattttt! Mine.

gold toilet paper storage tower

If you’re one who doesn’t mind having your toilet paper on display this is for you. If you have a small bathroom sometimes you have no choice. So if you’re going to display it you might as well display it in style! No more of those cylinder shaped ones from walmart ok?

lucite toilet paper holder

Ok, yep! I think I just died and went to toilet paper holder heaven. L-U-C-I-T-E. Can I get an amen? I take back what I said about the gold one. THIS one is mine. Did I mention it’s $16.96?

acrylic towel bar holder

Serious question. Why have anything else when you can have acrylic? It goes with ANYTHING! Love.

acrylic toilet paper tower holder

I mean has toilet paper ever looked so pretty? I think not. Also my whole mind is changed about having toilet paper on display now. Display, my friends. Display all day long!

mid century style ceiling mount light

And there was light! This is one of our favorites and it’s only $56.96.

mid century cb2 sconce

Ok, yes! Need I say more? This baby is only $50.96 and it’s calling your name. Get on it.

3 bulb mid century style light cb2

Come. to. mama! Sconces don’t get much better than this beauty. $126? Take my money.


GO! Go redecorate! I’m probably waiting for my acrylic accessories in the mail as we speak.



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