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Behind the scenes at the Domino Mag shoot – How it went down & why I’m kinda proud

It’s not every day you get to style a shoot for Domino Mag. Am I right?


Last month I got to style my first, and hopefully not last, shoot at Domino Mag in New York. It was such an awesome experience. I stood there styling this shoot (of my dreams) thinking to myself how did I get here? At the time I was getting married in about 4 weeks and styling a shoot, doing what I love, in New York City. Am I adulting…orrr? It was a cool thing to check off my blogger journey checklist.

I was super nervous but more excited to get there. I think if I knew Domino Mag’s office looked like that I’d have a different career. It was SO cool.

Domino Mag  Domino Mag

I instantly felt at home with the Domino Mag fam. It was so fun putting this shot together. From the couch cushion we turned into a bed to the faux white wood floor and being able to go through the prop closet. It was heaven and surreal. I totally left feeling proud.

The fun part is that blogging can lead to wherever you want it to. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Ok, not really… I’m tired. BUT the hard work will definitely be worth it. (does happy scream)


Domino Mag

& voila! This is the marvelous end product.

Domino Mag Safavieh Stitch Gold Metal Headboard

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Thanks for having me Domino Mag & Lahaina!

Photos taken by Aaron Bengochea 


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