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A Dining Room Glow-up with Cane Chairs Before the Holidays!

The below blog post is sponsored but all words and opinions are my own 🙂

Our dining room has undergone many changes but I think this might be my favorite of all time. We recently got a new table and did a really fun DIY on it to create the fluted base.

I was looking around for the perfect chairs for this small dining space of ours and was really difficult. I finally found the perfect chairs from Joss & Main! I had to find something that the cats wouldn’t scratch up so nothing fabric. That eliminates a lot of chairs. Also, the room isn’t very big so I would either need 4 wider chairs or 5 regular chairs. I just wasn’t loving anything.

P.S. The cats have left the cane completely alone, I got asked. 🙂

I found the Atticus side chairs on Joss & Main and fell in love. After measuring I knew that I would only need 4 for this round table too! They’re wide which I love, I think that’s more comfortable. They were out of stock but always come back in so don’t worry! Joss & Main also has a couple other really cute cane style chairs too!

Shop cane chairs like the ones below.

The quality is really great. They’re heavy and sturdy too! I know we will have them for a really long time. My only wish is that we had a bigger table so we could order more! They can go with a ton of different styles, they’re a classic! They also come in Natural color as well.

Keep your eye out in January for the Atticus chairs! They will be back in stock and I promise they’re worth the wait. Turn on the notifications on the Joss & Main site, they’re coming back around January 10th!

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your space and you’re excited about finding some fresh new dining chairs! Tag myself and Joss & Main on Instagram to show us!

xx. Cara

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