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5 Decor Ideas I’m Obsessed With

There are ALWAYS things I am thinking about doing in my home! I know from Instagram that a lot of you are also always updating your space. It’s addictive to keep changing things around. I like to think of it as keeping the dust bunnies at bay. If you’re always moving your furniture around, the dust bunnies can’t survive. (that’s what I tell my fiance) There are a few ideas I have fallen in love with that I think you’ll love as well. Summer is always a busy time because it’s nice out! Everyone wants to be outside doing things. When Fall rolls around I predict a lot of indoor home projects happening. YAY Fall! Anyway, check out some of the ideas below! I found them on Pinterest and also linked them back to their origin if you want some more info and their creators! Enjoy.

Color Coordinated Shelves. I recently was watching Glitter Guide‘s Snapchat and their guest snapper had the most beautiful color coordinated shelves. I Think I am seriously addicted to shelves lately. I have major shelf envy on Instagram over all my fav blogger’s shelves so I think it’s time to step my shelfie game up! This will definitely be one of my main focuses going into fall!

FullSizeRender (4)


Tulip Style Mid Century Dining Table. I have had the same dining table for quite some time now. It’s a bit too much on the rustic side for me. I bought it off of Craigslist from a couple who actually made it! It’s a lovely table and has a vintage/ antique feel to it but when it comes to my neat freak ways I think I need something with a cleaner look. I love love love how round white mid-century tables look! I used to have a round table but it wasn’t quite mid-century. I love having a big enough table for everyone to sit at when they come over but that is what TV trays are for. We will eat on the floor for decor okkkkayyy.

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Color Block. I love how a color block wall can bring a room to life. If you’re anything like me you like to have white walls and colorful decor. I love a colored wall but in my own home it’s a little bit too much of a commitment. I like way a color block wall can flow with a space and decor and not take attention away. I’ve also been seeing a lot of color blocked furniture! This too is something to keep your eye on for fall!

FullSizeRender (2)

Two Toned Painted Kitchen Cabinets. If you have light cabinets on the top and dark cabinets on the bottom… I envy you. Our kitchen is by no means in need of work… well besides the floor. But the cabinets could be considered “done”. I don’t think they’re bad but I would like them a lot more if they looked different. I have really been getting the itch to paint them. I have to admit I may be a little worried about painting the kitchen cabinets only because they aren’t “real” wood. I think anything is possible if it’s done properly so stay tuned for some kitchen cabinet updating.

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New Twist On An Old Kitchen Island. Oh yeah, this is another thing I’d like to change in the kitchen. Our Kitchen has an L-shaped counter top where the bar stools are. I love the look of having the bar /island painted a different color! You can also do a temporary wallpaper on the outside of the island where the stools go (where it is most seen). I absolutely LOVE this look!


These are a few of the ideas I have been obsessing over! I hope you enjoyed and keep a look out for some DIYing and updates in casa de goldalamode! xo

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