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11 Self Care Gifts to Snag on Cyber Monday from P.C. Richard and Son

I’m shouting CYBER MONDAY and I’m shouting it with my friends from P.C. Richard and Son. I want to tell you all about some self-care gifts you can find there and you KNOW I’m into self-care! Christmas is right around the corner so you might as well take advantage of Cyber Monday. However, you have until December 14th for ground shipping but there’s always in store pick-up and ground shipping options.

Back to the self-care fun…I’m sharing 11 items that are great for your own self-care OR for you loved ones. I personally use and/or would LOVE to use all of these. Have a look and enjoy!

11 Self Care Gifts to Snag on Cyber Monday from P.C. Richard and Son

PC Richard Gift Guide Cyber Monday

1. Homedics Air Purifier – As a pet owner of 3 pups let me tell you that an air purifier is essential to feeling good. Your home should be the number 1 place you feel amazing and at rest so your air needs to be clean. Your home will smell better and cleaner. Sit back and relax!

2. Cuisinart Juicer– IMPORTANT! I used to have a juicer (it’s probably extremely old at this point) but I LOVE juice! I go to health food stores all.the.time and I probably spend a fortune. An at home juicer is probably a smart idea. Juice is amazing for you. If I start to feel sick I’ll get juices a couple days in a row and I avoid getting sick. A great investment to your health and self-care!

3. Fitbit Alta – I first heard of Fitbits from my mother in law. I never thought about it until then but it’s a great reminder to stay moving and keep track of how active you are. Turns out I was way less active than I though 🙂

4. Peppermint Essential Oil – MY FAV! Peppermint essential oil is amazing. It’s especially amazing if you suffer from headaches. It’s one of the only scents that I can have in our home.

5. Roomba – NEED. I can imagine this would be amazing for pet owners. I feel like I’m vacuuming and sweeping every single day. It’s not the most ideal for my back and body with the fibromyalgia and I’m sure that could go for a lot of people. Give the people you love (aka me) a break and get them a Roomba!

6. Nespresso – Need I explain? I don’t drink caffeinated coffee but if I did… HELLO! I already know 3 people that want this from Santa aka their spouse. Dear, spouses…. buy this.

7. Ninja Blender – Say it with me… SMOOTHIES! Smoothies are my go-to every morning. I’m not the biggest breakfast person so making a smoothie is easy, fast and delicious. However, smoothies aren’t going to be very good unless you have a great blender!

8. Homedics Diffuser – How else are you going to diffuse your peppermint? I always have my diffuser going when people come over instead of candles and I’ve been told my home smells like a spa. I’m not sure if there’s a better compliment out there.

9. Bissell Carpet Cleaner – THISSSS! We just recently got out Bissell Pet Erase Vacuum from P.C. Richard and Son and it’s AMAZING. I can only imagine how great the carpet cleaner is. This will have you feeling so good about your space and have you all ready for some self-care. Home care is kinda like self-care right?

10. Viper Remote Starter – If you’re from the East Coast then you KNOW you need one of these! Is there anything worse than getting into your freezing car on a snowwy morning without it being heated? Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t even have to go to your car first and you could start melting the snow and ice away while inside? I know… it sounds like a dream come true because it is.

11. Waterpik – Okay, so I know this might be a weird thing to put on a gift guide but everyone I know who has this LOVES it! It was THE gift to give last year. I think people might be following suit this year.


Treat yourself and your loved ones to some self-care love! You’ll thank yourself. Also, go check out P.C. Richard and Son’s gift guide. Enjoy your Cyber Monday and your holidays! Love you guys 🙂 🙂


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