5 Feel-Good Items to Buy If You Need a Pick-me-up! (Most Under $30)

Life can beat us up pretty good, right?! Sometimes you just need a little “retail therapy” as they call it. Although, retail therapy is not the answer to everything and it sure as heck doesn’t cure us of anything it can definitely help us feel a little better in the moment. It’s nice to treat ourselves when we need it the most. If you’re feeling down, money sometimes can be the root of stress so I wanted to share a couple ‘affordable’ finds that you can treat yourself with.

I’ve been dealing with chronic illness for quite some time (Fibro and Lyme to be specific) and it makes me feel pretty depressed at times. A nice bath, health item or just something to make me feel good is nice. I want to share my finds with you and help you feel better!

5 Feel-Good Items:

CBD Oil from Rosebud CBD

Rosebud CBD

Rosebud CBD Oil. Available in different Mg.

Rosebud CBD Oil. Available in different Mg.You guys have heard me talk about CBD oil on my Instagram account before I’m sure. It is one of the only things that helps me with pain and anxiety. The other great thing is it’s all natural so you can take it while you’re on antibiotics or other medicines. I’m on an antibiotic for the Lyme right now and I can’t take my regular pain meds and anxiety meds. The CBD oil takes the edge off of my pain and anxiety. A must have. You can learn more online but make sure you are using a brand you trust. I personally fell in love with Rosebud CBD because it’s a small brand (from NJ) and Alexis cares SO much about her product and business. She also does insta stories about how to use it and different ways to use it. DEF recommend.

Earrings from Cotton & Clay Co.

Cotton and Clay Co

So many beautiful earrings to choose from!*Under $30*
There’s something about earrings that just cheer me up. Probably because I don’t have a lot of energy to get ready and accessories are easy to put on and they dress up your outfit. Especially from Cotton & Clay Co. I follow her for not only her earrings but for pure inspiration and her lovely spirit. Before Instagram shopping small took a lot of effort. It was hard to find small brands. With Instagram I almost ALWAYS shop small brands. (I don’t think I can stop with Home Goods and Target though I’m sorry) It’s nice to support people chasing their dreams. It also gives personality to brands. You know who you are supporting and that feels nice.


CBD Bath Bombs from Bath by Bex

Bath by Bex

Bath by Bex Turmeric Soap

*Under $30*
I give this one a HELL YES! If you are feeling down…. you need a calming bath. These bath bombs aren’t just for the scent. They will really help you feel better. They are made from hemp are THC free. Handmade and pure CBD. I have learned so much about CBD since having immune issues. Bath by Bex also offers different items like chocolate, lip balm and oils. She even offers monthly themed boxes. The little pumpkin guy smells AMAZING! You can also order different mg depending on your needs. I definitely recommend these!


Love Beauty & Planet Products from Target

*Under $30*
OMGgGg. These products smell SO good. I personally love the lavender scent. I have trouble with scents because they give me headaches so it’s rare that I find something that isn’t super offensive. I got the soap for $5 and I will definitely be going back for the lotion and shampoo/conditioner. They also have a deodorant. The brand is also super conscious about the environment and health.


*Under $30*
These slippers are so dreamy!! They remind me of ones I saw on Free People before but I didn’t want to spend a million dollars on slippers when my dog will probably eat them. Remember the red shoes? 🙁
My friend and I both bought these and she LOVESSS them. They ended up being a little too slippery for me. I’m sure they would’ve worn in but my legs already hurt so bad and trying not to fall was taking my already 0% energy. I think you will ADORE them though! So cozy and soft!


I hope you order yourself some goodies and feel a little better even if it’s just for a moment. Sending lots of love to anyone struggling. Just remember we all have something and to always be kind! xo

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